Slip & Fall

Slip and fall, or trip and fall, or “premises liability” cases are often the result of a dangerous condition.  Premises liability cases, like all personal injury cases, are driven by the jury’s emotional investment in the person that was hurt and rejection of the defendant’s conduct that led to the injury. In a slip and fall there are really two defendants: the premises that the client was hurt on and the individual actors that failed to keep the premises safe. Both must be examined thoroughly in order to overcome the natural prejudices against “slip and fall” cases. 

When a person slips and falls at a place of business, they often get seriously injured and have a valid personal injury claim.  However, these cases are extremely difficult because there is also an expectation that people look where they are walking and take personal responsibility for any falls.  It is extremely important to consult a lawyer quickly so that the scene of the fall can be examined, and any evidence of a dangerous condition is preserved.  

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