School Liability

Keeping kids safe should be every school’s top priority. Unsupervised children, left alone to their own devices, often get hurt. Children can be unpredictable and injuries are likely to happen. However, serious injuries occur when school’s fail to adequately supervise children on school property or under school care. While the majority of school workers are caring professionals, accidents or abuses occur in classrooms or under the school’s supervision every day. 

School districts have a duty to supervise, at all times, the conduct of the children on the school grounds and to enforce those rules and regulations necessary for their protection. See Taylor v. Oakland Scavenger Co. (1941) 17 Cal.2d 594; Dailey v. Los Angeles Unified School District (1970) 2 Cal.3d 741. California courts had held that school districts have a duty to students to anticipate foreseeable danger and to take those steps necessary to protect students. At a minimum, schools have the responsibility of hiring enough staff to properly supervise the students on their premises. 

When a child is injured, a parent’s top priority should be helping them recover. We have successfully sued a Los Angeles school district for damage to a child after lack of supervision and received a $5.75 mil verdict.  Contact BRUNO | NALU and will make it our top priority to secure the compensation your child needs to get better.  

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