Sexual Assault

Unfortunately, sexual assault is all too common and often hidden.  From the Catholic Church cases, to Public School teachers, to The Boy Scouts, the assault and victimization of our children is widespread and under punished.  At BRUNO|NALU we find this to be totally unacceptable and vigorously pursue the powerful institutions that allow sexual victimization to proliferate at all costs. We will not rest until all of those responsible are brought to justice. 

At BRUNO |NALU we are uniquely able to handle these types of cases.  First and foremost, we are husband and wife and the parents of four children.  Sexual assault victims are exceptionally vulnerable and often times, the last thing they want to do is sit down with some crusty old lawyer and detail the horrific acts that happened to them. It can be overwhelming to provide the details of assault and an accounting of the powerful people that enabled it.  Our approach is welcoming, loving, and understanding.  You have the ability to meet with one or both of us, depending on your comfort level.  You will have a female advocate on your side, in Angela Bruno, who will take on your cause and advocate for you in a way that others cannot. You are greeted in a safe space where your story can be told. At BRUNO|NALU, we care about you.  We care about what happened to you.  And we will not stop until you have seen justice. 

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