Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is when a person at your workplace, school, or other professional or social setting makes a sexual advance or unwanted comment. 

The California Fair Employment and Harassment Act protects employees from covert and overt sexual harassment in the workplace. Other kinds of sexual harassment also include a hostile work environment. This is described as a workplace in which an employee does not feel safe or comfortable working. Recent changes in California law have extended the statute of limitations on workplace sexual harassment claims. Survivors now have three years instead of one year from the date of the last alleged violation to files claims with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

Victims of sexual abuse often feel to blame, and can have a difficult time seeking help.  There is often shame and guilt, which prevents victims from admitting what happened.  With the right lawyers, the victim will feel empowered to stand up for themselves and get compensation for these unwanted advances.

Our lawyers have experience handling sensitive information and are skilled at handling those that feel intimidated by the legal system.  If you are a victim of sexual abuse, please contact our office for a free consultation.  Our team at BRUNO | NALU is dedicated to helping you through this difficult time and ensuring you are rightfully compensated for the wrongs you have suffered.

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