Alternative Dispute Resolution

With well over 100 jury trials under our belt, we at BRUNO│NALU live and breathe litigation.

That said, we also understand that a full-blown trial may not be the best or most desirable option for everyone. Trial is a last resort and the best way to avoid trial is to prepare for it and relentlessly pursue alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation or settlement conference.

A full-blown trial may not be the best or most desirable option for everyone.

Angela Bruno

Going to court can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. That is why victims and their families often prefer less contentious and more private alternatives to dispute resolution such as mediation.

However, just because there might not be a trial does not mean you will not need a lawyer by your side. Mediation is a vital part of litigation. Important work must be done to prepare both sides for mediation or settlement conference. The defense needs to know that your lawyers have done the hard work of developing the case and are prepared to try the case. There is no shortcut to this and a successful mediation or settlement conference depends on the tenacity, preparation, and experience of the trial lawyers handling it. Our experience can present your arguments in the best light, facilitate the negotiations, and help you reach an optimal settlement.

What Is Alternative Dispute Resolution? 

Alternative dispute resolution or ADR is exactly what it sounds like – an alternative to the traditional court process. 
Trial, or end stage litigation is adversarial, which means that there is always a clear winner and a clear loser at the end of every trial. The stakes are high, and the consequences for the losing party can be grave. Depending on the case, that may not be the most effective way to resolve the issue, especially if you are trying to reach an agreement that works for both sides or would like to preserve a working relationship with the other party. 

In contrast, ADR methods like mediation are cooperative. The process does not take place in a public courtroom. There is no judge or jury. Instead, the parties meet in private – aided by their attorneys and an impartial mediator – to negotiate, compromise, and arrive at a mutually acceptable settlement. 

If you want to explore alternatives to litigation, be sure to consult with a specialist Orange County mediation lawyer. They can advise you on what would work best for you and your case.

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is the most amicable and informal type of dispute resolution. 

The parties present their sides and negotiate under the guidance of a qualified mediator, who may or may not be a legal professional. Some mediators are also trained in behavioral studies, communication, psychology, or the art of negotiations. 

In any case, however, mediators never take sides and do not make binding decisions. They are simply facilitators that help the parties to:

  • Communicate openly
  • Identify the issues at hand
  • Clarify their positions and desired outcomes
  • Keep misunderstandings to a minimum
  • Manage their emotions when they start running high
  • Work together in a constructive manner 
  • Find and explore potential areas of compromise
  • Arrive at a consensus that works for both sides   

Mediation is usually voluntary. However, the court may sometimes order the parties to attempt mediation first as a prerequisite to litigation. In either case, both sides can walk away at any time and are under no obligation to settle. In that sense, mediation only works if the parties want it to work.

Mediation is voluntary. Both sides can walk away at any time and are under no obligation to settle.

Keith Bruno

Why Choose Mediation 

Depending on your case’s circumstances and your particular needs, mediation may be the best course of action for you. Mediation has several benefits over conventional litigation and is usually:

  • Less costly
  • Less adversarial
  • Less time consuming
  • More amicable and cooperative 
  • What’s more, mediation can:
  • Be kept private
  • Help preserve business relationships 
  • Facilitate win-win – or at least mutually acceptable – outcomes 
  • Give the parties more control over the negotiation process and the final decision

Do You Need a Specialist Mediation Lawyer?

Absolutely. Just like with a court trial, it is never a good idea to try and represent yourself. While it is a form of ADR, mediation is still a complicated process that can be difficult to navigate if you are not impartial to the dispute and legally trained.

A specialist Orange County mediation attorney can advise you on your legal rights, whether mediation or litigation would be better suited for you, how to best present your arguments, and what compensation you could realistically go for.

They can also ensure that you negotiate and work with the other side to reach an optimal settlement effectively.

Why Choose BRUNO│NALU to Sit In On Your Mediation

BRUNO│NALU is a husband-and-wife legal duo specializing in high-stakes wrongful death, personal injury, and accident cases. We help victims and their families get just compensation for their pain and suffering in the courtroom as well as through mechanisms for alternative dispute resolution.

Keith Bruno

Keith Bruno is a courtroom veteran, having taken part in more than 100 jury trials in the course of his career. A graduate of the University of Maryland and later the University of San Diego School of Law, he practices in all state courts in California as well as federal courts throughout the country.

  • Since Mr. Bruno started his legal practice in 2002, he has earned numerous honors and awards, including:
  • A “Superb” rating by the nationwide legal directory 
  • A “Super Lawyer” designation by, which is only open to no more than 5% of lawyers in each state
  • Multiple mentions in the annual Super Lawyers Rising Stars ranking, which only recognizes up to 2.5% of attorneys in each state
Angela Bruno

Angela Bruno is the managing partner at BRUNO|NALU. After graduating summa cum laude as an economics major from UCLA in 2001 and working for one of the Big Five accounting firms in L.A., she joined UC Hastings College of the Law. There, she studied negotiation and mediation, eventually winning the 2007 Regional and National Mediation Competitions.

Over the years, Mrs. Bruno has gone on to develop a focused and well-regarded ADR practice. She mediates cases not just for BRUNO|NALU but also for other lawyers who seek her out specifically for her negotiation expertise.
The results speak for themselves: in 2014, only a month after starting BRUNO|NALU, Mrs. Bruno and her husband settled a mediation case for $100k more than what was asked by the referring attorney.

In 2014, only a month after starting BRUNO|NALU, we settled a mediation case for $100k more than what was asked by the referring attorney.

Angela Bruno

What We Do: Our Practice Areas 

At BRUNO|NALU, our specialties include:

  • Dog bites
  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents 
  • Uber and Lyft accidents
  • Wrongful death
  • School liability
  • Product liability 
  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual harassment 
  • Assault and battery
  • Slip and fall accidents 

If you or a family member has suffered harm or injury due to an incident from the above list, you may be eligible for financial compensation. To protect your interests and ensure you get the highest possible payout, it is crucial that you speak with a qualified attorney as soon as you can after the incident.

To Our Fellow Lawyers

If you have a case that would be hard to even get to trial – let alone win – chances are your client is better off settling out of court.

The problem here is that mediation is not some quiet sit-down where the parties happily meet in the middle. While it is less adversarial than litigation, people still go into mediation every day only to walk out with no settlement.
In many ways, mediation is like chess. It takes skill, expert knowledge, and years of practice to master and execute – and every single move is critical.

What that means is that you want your case handled by an experienced Orange County mediation attorney who is better equipped to finesse a higher outcome.

Mrs. Bruno is that attorney. Give your case to us to mediate. Even with our fee, you and your client will still come out ahead. We go for the gold every time – meaning we won’t quit until we’ve got you the best deal possible. After all, 25% of $1,000,000 is way better than 40% of 10,000.

Our Secret to Success

At BRUNO|NALU, we have a secret weapon no one else has: a successful trial background. The other side to a mediation knows that we will go to trial if needed. They know that they will end up paying us one way or another.

So, sooner or later, they always settle. We have not mediated a single case that actually required us to try it in court.

Looking for Experienced Orange County Trial Lawyers to Help with Your Mediation?

At BRUNO|NALU, we take on complex cases and see them through to million-dollar settlements.

If you are considering alternatives to an all-out court trial, we can help. And should the matter escalate to full-blown litigation, we will remain by your side until the end.

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