Sexual Assault Lawyer Newport Beach CA

A sexual assault lawyer Newport Beach CA victims turn to for justice understands that when a victim has been sexually abused, it is a traumatic experience. In fact, the emotional damage can last for years, if not a lifetime. Tragically, this can be amplified when the victim is a child. The breach of trust when the perpetrator was a family member, teacher, spiritual leader, caregiver, or coach can be absolutely devastating for the victim and their loved ones.

If you or a family member has been the victim of sexual abuse, contact a sexual assault lawyer in Newport Beach CA to begin the road to healing. At BRUNO│NALU, we have long advocated for sexual assault victims. As a result, we understand that the legal process of seeking financial damages against those responsible for the abuse can help the victim feel empowered against the person who abused them. It can be a valuable part of the journey of recovery.

Whether or not there are criminal charges filed against the abuser does not affect a victim’s legal right to pursue a civil case against them. Although no amount of financial compensation can ever make up for the tragic losses and trauma a victim has suffered, it can help in that healing process. A Newport Beach CA sexual assault lawyer from our firm can help you receive the peace you deserve.

Victims of Sexual Assault

National statistics reveal that approximately 20 percent of women and 10 percent of men have been victims of sexual abuse. It is suspected those numbers are much higher because many victims stay silent and never tell anyone of the abuse. A sexual assault lawyer Newport Beach CA locals recommend is all too familiar with the seriousness of the problem.

Anyone can be a sexual assault victim, but it is the vulnerable members of society – children, elderly, disabled, mentally ill – who are often targeted by perpetrators the most. A sexual assault lawyer Newport Beach CA residents rely on from our firm understands the delicate nature of working with such vulnerable victims.

No matter what type of sexual assault occurred, the emotional trauma and damage to a victim are often long-term and have debilitating effects on their ability to trust anyone in authority, concentrate at work or school, and maintain experience. These effects from a sexual assault can also often have a profound impact on the victim’s future experiences with intimacy.

Victims of sexual assault struggle with many emotional and psychological issues for years which often require mental health therapy. The emotional damage sexual assault leaves on victims, especially children, is so serious that approximately 80 percent of victims who were abused as children meet the diagnostic criteria for at least one mental health disorder by the time they reach the age of 21. The more common of these disorders include anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The long-term psychological care that is often required for a victim to deal with the abuse they suffered and put their life back together is expensive and is not always covered by the victim’s health insurance. When it is covered, the co-pays or limitation on appointments can limit and hamper the ability to recover. This can leave the victim left to pay for the therapy on their own, however, many victims are not able to afford this treatment, leaving them to struggle with the sexual assault trauma on their own with no support. A sexual assault lawyer Newport Beach CA community members trust from our firm can provide you with more information about seeking compensation for the treatment you need.

Seeking Damages

A sexual assault injury lawsuit against the abuser allows a victim to pursue financial compensation. A settlement or jury award can pay for this much needed medical treatment, as well as for all of the other losses you may have suffered for the abuse. If the abuser was associated with an organization that failed to take the steps to protect the victim – such as a religious, sport, or school organization – as a victim you may be able to name them as a defendant as well.

If you have been a victim of sexual abuse, a personal injury attorney from BRUNO│NALU can help you pursue justice against those responsible for the horrendous abuse you suffered. Call 949-988-0932 today for a free consultation with a sexual assault lawyer Newport Beach CA offers and find out how we can help you.