Wherever and however it occurs, exposure to toxic chemicals is always cause for grave concern and would certainly justify contacting a toxic tort lawyer Newport Beach CA can provide. Historically, and by far the most widespread, persistent U.S. toxic tort litigation has involved asbestos exposure, now definitively identified as the singular cause of mesothelioma. Asbestos litigation is still ongoing, and other high-value toxic tort claims center on defective drugs as well as exposure to a range of toxins in workplaces and homes.

What Are Toxic Torts?

A viable toxic exposure lawsuit may arise from long-term exposure to benzene, silica, mercury, or other harmful substance on the job. These materials that are now known to be harmful were once considered groundbreaking materials intended to revolutionize technology and manufacturing. A material such as asbestos, for example, was incorporated into hundreds of different products that millions of consumers bought and used in their daily lives. Because the use of this material was extensive before its dangers were discovered, many consumers still face exposure to asbestos.

In other cases, a toxic tort might cover exposure to harmful chemicals that leaked into the air or into the ground. In these suits, there may be a large number of residents or employees who developed health problems as a result of the same toxic leak. If a company fails to clean up a toxic chemical leak, fails to prepare adequately for a possible leak of a known toxic chemical, or fails to respond properly to a leak, that company might be held liable in a toxic tort lawsuit.

Such suits are also necessary to compensate those with severe health problems due to the use of a dangerous, defective drug. Ingestion of contaminated food or the diagnosis of a toxic mold-related illness might also justify such an action — and this is not an effort to be exhaustive. People of all ages can suffer health problems when exposed to a harmful chemical, material, or drug. A toxic tort lawyer Newport Beach CA has to offer may recover settlement money for those who have suffered injuries or illnesses from toxic exposure.

Unique Factors in Toxic Torts

While toxic torts are essentially personal injury claims, there are a few factors that make these types of civil suits more complex. First, it’s not always easy to prove direct causation between toxic exposure and injuries or illnesses. When a toxic chemical leaks into a community’s water supply, for example, it could take years before any residents begin to display symptoms of medical conditions. It may be very difficult to prove who was responsible for the leak, and even more difficult to prove that the leak directly caused harm to the community.

Another unique factor in toxic torts relates to evidence. In many cases, the injured plaintiff may have to rely heavily on scientific evidence, company reports, and medical records — all of which may cover a span of years or even decades. Collecting sufficient evidence can be a time-consuming process in toxic torts.

Lastly, many toxic exposure suits are filed as class action lawsuits. Rather than each injured individual filing their own case with a Newport Beach toxic tort lawyer, several injured victims might rely on a team of dedicated lawyers to prove their case and win a large settlement.

Who Can Be Sued?

There are several parties that might be liable in a toxic tort case. It’s possible for more than one party to be held liable by a toxic tort lawyer in Newport Beach CA. If you’re considering filing a toxic tort, you might be filing a lawsuit against one or more of the following parties:

  • The manufacturer of the drug/chemical/material
  • The distributor of the drug/chemical/material
  • The company that stored the drug/chemical/material
  • The manufacturer of machinery or equipment that failed to keep the plaintiff(s) safe from toxic exposure
  • The owner(s) of the property or facility where the toxic exposure occurred

It’s not always clear which party or parties would be deemed responsible in complex toxic tort cases. If you have questions regarding liability in your own case, it would be wise to contact a toxic tort lawyer Newport Beach CA residents trust.

Dedicated, Uncompromising Advocacy For Toxic Exposure Victims

BRUNO│NALU is a premier Southern California firm for injury and fatality claims that require total preparation for trial and fierce determination to win. Valid toxic tort cases nearly all meet that standard, given that defendants are most often corporate entities with brand reputations to protect and extensive resources to do so. Attorney Keith Bruno is prepared to attack these cases with all the knowledge gained in more than 100 prior jury trials, and our legal team is also known for its genuinely caring, client-centered approach.

Speak With a Toxic Tort Lawyer Newport Beach CA Depends On

If you have learned of an intriguing case of poisoning via chemical exposure, you must assess whether your trial department is configured to take it the full distance without sacrificing effectiveness in other areas. Such a toxic tort claim may lie outside of your firm’s plan and field of vision, which makes providing the best referral you can the best solution by far.

We will value the opportunity to speak with you lawyer to lawyer and help you decide if our goals and approaches align with the best interests of your client. Simply call or send an email inquiry to set a time to thoroughly discuss your needs. Based in Orange County, we actively associate and collaborate with other personal injury and toxic tort litigation law firms throughout California. When you reach out to BRUNO | NALU for legal counsel, you can be confident that you’re speaking to a toxic tort lawyer Newport Beach CA trusts for complex cases.