If you have recently been injured in a slip and fall accident in Newport Beach, it is important to identify a slip and fall lawyer Newport Beach CA residents can turn to after sustaining significant injuries. Finding the right slip and fall lawyer in Newport Beach CA may be critical for allowing you to move on from a serious accident.

People who have never been seriously injured in a fall do not realize how serious such injuries often are. A fall caused by a slippery tile floor, concealed obstacle, defective stairway or any of countless other dangerous conditions can alter the victim’s life irreparably in an instant. When this happens, a solid, thoroughly prepared personal injury lawsuit is essential for recovering compensation and getting back on track.

Many people do not understand that they have significant rights after an accident but that they also must maintain a strong case in order to prove and win a slip and fall injury claim with the help of a Newport Beach slip and fall lawyer. When the accident was the result of something beyond your control, you are most likely wondering whether or not you have any opportunities for legal recourse to recover compensation.

Overcoming The Challenges Of Serious Premises Liability Accident Claims

Personal injury lawyers know that trip-and-fall, slip-and-fall, and comparable accidents must be thoroughly investigated, and that lawsuits to recover compensation are challenging to win. However, a win may be a big difference-maker for a victim with a traumatic brain injury, a back injury, a broken bone or other injuries with costly, lasting consequences. Million-dollar and multimillion-dollar recoveries are attainable when the facts and arguments presented support them.

At BRUNO│NALU, a premier firm for injury litigation in California and beyond, we are determined to overcome the hurdles associated with challenging premises liability claims. Our trial team is led by attorney Keith Bruno, a known force in the courtroom who has tried more than 100 cases before juries in the past 12-plus years.

What Do You Need to Prove to Win in a Slip and Fall Injury Claim?

Building a strong slip and fall claim, complete with substantial evidence, may be the only way to recover the compensation you need for your medical bills and daily living expenses. Waiting too long to talk to a slip and fall lawyer Newport Beach CA counts after a serious injury could jeopardize your ability to recover benefits. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t wait.

The key issue in any slip and fall case is liability. A slip and fall lawyer Newport Beach, CA community members trust with their cases may help you navigate this process and determine evidence that can support your claim.

Important questions to ask in a slip and fall case include who the potentially liable parties are and whether these parties were actually negligent. You must be able to illustrate that a property owner (or an employee) caused a dangerous condition that led to a slip and fall incident and that a reasonable person could have identified this, or that the owner (or an employee) knew about a dangerous condition but failed to take reasonable actions that would decrease the risk of injury.

Determining what is “reasonable” is an important component of a slip and fall injury claim, and it’s one reason why you may choose to hire a slip and fall lawyer Newport Beach CA residents can count on.

The property owner or the insurance company might claim that the injured plaintiff is either totally or partially responsible for the accident. In the state of California, the guiding rule is the comparative negligence standard. Comparative negligence is designed to deal with situations in which both parties in a legal action were at least partially at fault, and it means that a plaintiff may still recover damages even after the deduction for the other party’s percentage of fault has been deducted. The court takes specific directions after a percentage of fault was already assigned to each individual party. A slip and fall lawyer Newport Beach CA counts on after an accident can help you prepare your case effectively from day one.

A Stellar Trial Team Intent On Proving Liability And Maximizing The Recovery

We know how to prove that a property owner knew or should have known about a dangerous condition. We work rigorously to substantiate medical evidence and show juries just how devastating fall injuries are for our clients. Our insurance knowledge and ready access to qualified experts are additional key assets.

If you have learned of a potential premises liability claim and believe it must be built for trial, we encourage you to contact BRUNO│NALU at your earliest opportunity. We are equally well-prepared to handle complex claims involving impact from falling debris, an attack enabled by negligent security, or other traumatic, injury-causing events on unsafe commercial property.

If you have already been injured, don’t hesitate to consult with a slip and fall lawyer Newport Beach CA community members are proud to have fighting for their best interests.