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Large Truck Accidents: Who is at Fault?

  Over 60% of traffic accidents involve small cars and large trucks.  Truck drivers are rarely going to admit fault for fear of losing their jobs although in most cases, the truck driver is to blame. Drivers say that the most common causes of accidents are as follows. Using phones while driving One of the […]

Why is Uninsured Motorist Coverage So Important?

  While most states require drivers to carry auto insurance, not all of them do. If an uninsured motorist hits another driver, that driver will have to pay for the damage to his or her vehicle. As you can imagine, this is very frustrating for responsible drivers who pay their car insurance premiums every month. […]

Can a Personal Injury Settlement Affect My Taxes?

If you have suffered a personal injury, you may have collected damages through a personal injury settlement. A settlement award can offer much needed relief and may even have significant impacts on your financial position. It is important to know, however, that a settlement may affect your taxes. Whether you will have to pay taxes […]

When a Personal Injury Lawsuit Turns Into a Wrongful Death Suit

Imagine a case in which a worker in construction is seriously injured at work due to another individual’s negligence. Perhaps someone left nails out and a worker stepped on them, impairing his ability to walk the same temporarily or permanently. After this worker seeks medical attention, he decides that he wants to file a personal […]

Important Facts about Closed Head Injuries

In the United States, each year, more than 75% of the 1.7 million traumatic brain injuries are classified as closed head injuries. Closed head injuries are a type of traumatic brain injury (TBI) that can include injuries like: intracranial hematomas, concussions, diffuse axonal injury, and cerebral contusions. A closed head injury occurs when the skull […]

After My Motorcycle Accident, Should I Get a Lawyer?

  If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you are probably wondering whether or not you should engage an attorney to protect your rights. Even when you believe you have suffered little or no injuries as a result of the accident, it is always wise to consult with an attorney. Below we will […]

How do I plan financially for my future after an injury award or judgement?  

  After an injury, a personal injury settlement is meant to compensate for a number of damages caused by the accident, but sometimes the compensation exceeds the damage costs. In the case this case, a settlement can have a significant impact on the value of your assets. It is important to understand how you will […]

Legal Rights for Those Ticketed in a Car Accident

  A car accident is a nasty experience for everyone involved.  A minor car accident can be lousy and inconvenient, and a more serious accident can be brutal for your health and car.  A car accident could be even worse if it were your fault.  A car accident can leave victims feeling powerless.  The resulting […]

What is “Discovery” in a Lawsuit? Part 2: Depositions | Bruno Nalo

If you’ve ever spent time around a lawyer or a person involved in a lawsuit, you’ve probably heard the term “deposition.” But do you know what it means? We have found that although the lawyers at our firm are experienced and well-versed in the process of litigation, most clients are not. The deposition process can […]

Top 5 Questions About Car Accident Injuries

  No one ever plans on getting into a car accident, and no one can predict how severe their accident will be or how badly they might be hurt in its aftermath. It’s likely that you will have a lot of questions about the recovery process and how to get compensation for your injuries. Let’s […]