Bus Accidents

Public transportation is meant to be a reliable service, but the unfortunate truth is that accidents happen; when they do, you want a bus accident lawyer Orange County trusts to guide you through your personal injury claim. While buses should be a simple and safe method of transportation, collisions and accidents are a frightening reality that many people face when using them. Their size and weight mean that buses, even more so than cars, can cause serious injuries, and their collisions can have traumatic emotional and psychological results.

If you’ve experienced such a life-altering situation as a bus accident, contact the attorneys of BRUNO | NALU. We have the skills and experience to pursue fair compensation for your injuries. When looking for a bus accident lawyer in Orange County, you can consider BRUNO | NALU a firm that can serve and fight for you with dedication and diligence.

It is important to act immediately when you or someone you love has been injured in an accident, first by documenting the injuries as well as the damage to the bus and other vehicles. You should also plan to seek medical attention right away–not only so you can receive treatment, but also so a medical professional can confirm that any symptoms you experience are due to the accident. As you may find when you speak with a bus accident lawyer Orange County turns to for help, the more evidence you have early on, the stronger your case can be.

Next, you should not hesitate to consult an Orange County bus accident lawyer about your case and who is at fault. Because a bus is legally considered a “common carrier,” bus companies and drivers are expected to always act responsibly and provide safe transportation. When they fail to do so, a bus accident lawyer Orange County relies upon to understand this complex area of the law can determine how best to proceed. Again, it is important to act quickly to avoid losing coverage and missing the chance to hold the transportation company or agency accountable for negligence.

When more than one party has been involved in a bus accident, how do you begin to determine who may be liable? Depending on your situation, you could seek compensation from any number of other parties–for example, the company or government agency that owns and operates the vehicle, or the bus driver if he performed his job negligently. Any company responsible for maintaining the bus, or any other drivers who caused or were part of the accident, could also be held responsible. No matter from whom you ultimately seek compensation, it is critical that you consult a bus accident lawyer Orange County knows can fight for accident victims.

Bus accidents, or collisions of any kind, are no light matter, and you deserve an attorney who can get you results and help set your life back on track. The attorneys of BRUNO | NALU are passionate about pursuing justice for those who have been wrongfully injured. To ensure you have a have a capable bus accident lawyer Orange County trusts as your advocate, contact our legal team online or by calling 949-988-0932 to discuss your options.