Sex crimes evoke the passions and prejudices of most people in our society, including prosecutors and judges. As unpopular as sex crimes and sex offenses are to the general public, these individuals have the same constitutional rights as any other person accused of crime. A conviction for a crime such as rape, date rape, spousal rape or statutory rape carries significant penalties such as jail time and possible lifetime sex offender registration. It is our goal to minimize your exposure to these consequences while fighting to ensure your rights are not violated.

At BRUNO│NALU, cases involving sex crime accusations are handled discreetly and with great care. Mr. Bruno understands the tremendous embarrassment that a mere accusation can bring. Those accused of sex crimes require the most vigorous defense and the brightest and most passionate Orange County sex crimes attorney. Mr. Bruno is that lawyer.

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Sexual assaults can include unwanted physical sexual contact by one person to another. Of course, the trouble is in determining whether or not the physical contact was unwanted. Often, sex crimes cases involve a misunderstanding between the two parties where one party thought that consent was being given and the other party did not wish to give consent. In addition, the law itself revokes consent in certain situations. If a person was not able to give consent due to intoxication or mental infirmity, the law will say that consent was not effectively given. Accordingly, if two people become heavily intoxicated and later engage in sexual activity, it is possible that one party will feel regret the next day. This regret could result in charges being brought against the other party. It is not required to show that the victim physically objected.

In light of the above, it is clear that anyone accused of a sex crime needs a skilled trial advocate to defend each and every one of his or her precious constitutional rights. You will need an experienced orator to communicate your message to California law enforcement or, should it be necessary, to a jury.

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