People v. Jose S.
Hung Jury—Jose was charged with a gang-related attempted murder. He was accused of firing on a rival motorcycle club member outside of a nightclub in Los Angeles. The shooting was caught on videotape and a co-worker purported to identify Jose as the shooter. However, the prosecution’s theory did not persuade the jury and the jury could not reach a verdict. The retrial is upcoming.

People v. Samuel Z.
Negotiated Agreement—Samuel was charged with first degree murder in the stabbing death of his roommate, an ex-marine. Mr. Bruno was able to negotiate a plea-bargain on a first-degree murder case. This is almost unheard of. The plea deal was for one count of Assault with a deadly weapon (Penal Code section 245) and he will serve three years in custody as a result of the plea.

People v. MP
Case Dismissed—MP is a police officer who was charged with multiple felony counts and a few misdemeanors. The case went to preliminary hearing where he was held to answer on the changes. However, as a result of the investigation and litigation involving the accusers and the LASD’s response to the investigation, Mr. Bruno was able to negotiate the case in a way that will end in the dismissal of all charges.

People v. CB
Case Dismissed—CB was accused of DUI with injury. Mr. Bruno sought to attack the prosecution of this DUI through pretrial motion work. At a hearing on a motion to dismiss for denial of CB’s speedy trial rights, the court granted the motion in response to Mr. Bruno’s arguments and dismissed the case. DUI victory.

Bob L.
DUI NOT GUILTY; DMV SET ASIDE WIN. Bob was a Lt. Col. in the Marine Corps and was an active coast guard pilot. He had a lot to lose by way of a conviction or by losing the DMV hearing. Bob hired Mr. Bruno late in the game once the court proceedings (Pretrial Hearings) had already begun. Mr. Bruno came into the case and secured a Not Guilty Verdict on both the Driving Under the Influence charge and the driving with a BAC of .08 or greater. The Not Guilty verdict ensured that the DMV hearing would be won and the Department issued the Set Aside. Result: NOT GUILTY OF DUI.

David S.
First Degree Murder, Gang and Gun charges. NOT GUILTY AFTER JURY TRIAL. David was charged with Killing John M. in a brutal street shout-out/ambush. One of the survivors of the shooting claimed to have seen David and could identify him as they had known each other since they were kids. Mr. Bruno put the witness and the police on trial, exposing the shoddy police work, half promises to the witnesses in order to implicate David and the overall lack of solid, credible evidence that one would require in order to convict. After nearly three weeks of trial and days of jury deliberations, the jury acquitted David on all charges. He walked out of court a free man. Result: NOT GUILTY

Dennis L.
Dennis was accused of DUI. He hired an attorney who represented him for 4-5 months. Dennis was repeatedly presented with an offer to plead guilty to a “wet reckless,” a charge that has many of the same consequences of a DUI. Particularly, the wet reckless is priorable, meaning that if Dennis was arrested again for a DUI, it would be a much harsher “second” DUI penalty. Dissatisfied with his lawyer, Dennis fired him and hired Mr. Bruno. Mr. Bruno filed a motion to suppress the evidence, and set the matter for trial. Mr. Bruno also investigated the case, including interviewing the bartender who had served Dennis. With the investigation report in hand, Mr. Bruno discussed the matter with the DA who, reasonably, offered a “dry reckless”, a charge that does not carry any DUI penalties and is not priorable. Dennis avoided a lengthy DUI trial in which he likely would have been found guilty and happily pled to a dry reckless.

Moses V.
Moses was incarcerated for two years awaiting trial on a life in prison case. He was charged with two counts of attempted murder, assault with a dangerous or deadly weapon causing great bodily injury, all for the benefit of a criminal street gang with various enhancements, including an allegation that he personally stabbed two victims 15 times. Moses had a series of public defenders and appointed lawyers who, due to their overburdened case load, could not properly prepare the case for trial. Mr. Bruno took the case and within three months, Moses was free. Mr. Bruno filed a series of motions that dramatically reduced the issues to be litigated at the trial and, after two weeks of trial, the jury returned a “Not Guilty” verdict on all counts and Moses was free. Moses called Mr. Bruno from his pool that night to say thank you. After two years in custody and two weeks of battle in the courtroom, Moses was finally able to enjoy the freedom most of us take for granted. NOT GUILTY

Ivan V.
Ivan was charged with a high-blood alcohol DUI. Mr. Bruno filed a motion to suppress the stop which was heard by Judge Revel in Beverly Hills just hours after she sent Lindsey Lohan to jail. Judge Revel denied the motion and the case was sent out to trial. Jury selection began and, after lunch on the first day of trial, the DA caved and offered Ivan a wet reckless. Ivan accepted the offer and pled to the wet reckless, whereupon Mr. Bruno immediately filed a notice of appeal to challenge the denial of the suppression motion. The case is now on appeal and Ivan did not lose his license.

Keci E.
Keci is a sworn peace officer in the County of Los Angeles. She was charged with a series of domestic violence related crimes after she discovered that her boyfriend was cheating on her and stumbled into the middle of his affair with another woman. A violent altercation ensued and Keci was charged with brandishing a dangerous and deadly weapon, aggravated trespass, and vandalism. A conviction for any of these charged would have likely resulted in the loss of her job and would have prevented her from legally carrying a firearm. Mr. Bruno reported ready for trial and continuously peppered the City Attorney with witnesses and facts that undermined the alleged victim’s claims. On day 8 of 10 the City Attorney, an honorable lawyer and straight-shooting gentleman, did justice and moved to dismiss the case. CASE DISMISSED

Nash S.
NOT GUILTY AFTER TRIAL. Defendant charged with 2 Felony Counts and 1 Misdemeanor. One of the felony charges, a strike pursuant to the CA the California three strikes law, was an aggravated assault with great bodily injury. The Orange County District Attorney had consistently offered the defendant one year in county jail if he pled to all charges. He rejected that offer and went to trial. The jury deliberated for a day before returning the not guilty verdicts. The client and his family are now free to move on with their lives, fully vindicated.

Marin G.
Not Guilty at trial. Martin was charged with trespassing at Chapman University Law School, as he was protesting Chapman’s Professor John Yoo and Mr. Yoo’s involvement with the Bush Administration’s torture policies. The Orange County District Attorney had offered to dismiss the case if Martin paid a “$50 donation to the victim-witness emergency fund.” Martin, the civil libertarian, rejected the DA’s “offer” and elected to take his case to trial. At trial, his rights were vindicated when he was found Not Guilty and the Court specifically found that his protesting activity was protected by the California and United States Constitutions. What Martin was doing was as American as apple pie. NOT GUILTY.

Lewis M.
Lewis was charged with 1st degree robbery, personal use of firearm during the commission of the robbery, receiving stolen property, street terrorism and a series of gang enhancements were also alleged. In total, Lewis was facing 25 years in prison and multiple strikes. After 2 weeks of jury trial, the receiving stolen property charge was dismissed and the jury hung on all remaining counts. A mistrial was declared. As a result, it is anticipated that the case will resolve favorably by way of plea bargain.

Mina G.
Mina was charged with felony embezzlement of approximately $125,000.00 from her employer. She was looking at 4 years in state prison. After a 3 week jury trial, the jury hung and a mistrial was declared. The defense will be presenting a motion to dismiss all charges (more accurately, will invite the court to dismiss the charges) at the next scheduled hearing.

Evan L.
Evan was charged with possession of a controlled substance (Felony violation of HS 11350), possession of prescription pills without a prescription, DUI with a blood alcohol content of .22, and a few lesser charges. Mr. Bruno plea bargained the case, wherein all felony and misdemeanor charges were dismissed and Evan pled to one count of DUI and received the absolute minimum punishment allowed by law.

Jim F.
Jim was charged with resisting, obstructing and delaying a peace office (PC 148(a)(1). After negotiations, DA agreed to dismiss the case.

Susan H.
Susan was charged with grand theft (PC 487(a)) for stealing from Sacks 5th Avenue. After negotiations, DA agreed to dismiss the case.

Ben C.
The Client was charged with possession of cocaine (H&S 11350) after a bouncer discovered his friend using cocaine in a Fullerton nightclub. The friend was using the cocaine in the nightclub bathroom when he was discovered and detained until police arrived. During the course of the police investigation, my client was pointed out as someone who supplied the cocaine to the friend in the bathroom. Believing that honesty was the best policy, the client admitted to possessing the cocaine and was immediately arrested. After his arrest, he contacted our firm and Mr. Bruno promptly negotiated deal with the District Attorney’s Office and the case was DISMISSED. The client has no criminal record and did not have to subject himself to the PC 1000 diversion program as a result of a DISMISSAL.

John S.
The Client got into an altercation with his wife (Domestic Violence, PC 273.5). He called the police in an attempt to calm the situation down. When the police arrived, they were determined to arrest somebody and they threatened to take away the client’s children. As a result of this threat, the client admitted to getting into a physical altercation with his wife. As soon as he admitted this, he was taken into custody on felony charges and booked into the county jail. Having no criminal record and never having been near a jail before, the experience was incredibly traumatic. The client was able to get in touch with Mr. Bruno late at night and Mr. Bruno arranged immediate bail. After some significant pre-trial negotiation and presentation of mitigating evidence, the District Attorney was unable to prosecute and the case was DISMISSED.

Michael S.
The client was an 18 year old high school student and was very immature. Over a period of a few months, the client stole thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from the Target store where he worked. He was arrested on felony grand theft charges. After initial discussions with the District Attorney’s Office, the case was filed as a misdemeanor. Mr. Bruno was able to negotiate a DA Continuance; wherein it was agreed that the District Attorney’s office would continue the case for six months and the client would do some community service and make restitution to the victim. Once that was complete, the District Attorney upheld its side of the bargain and DISMISSED the case.

Eddie L.
Eddie was charged with aggravated assault, for the benefit of a criminal street gang. (Penal Code section 245(a)(1), 186.22(a)) Eddie was alleged to have chased a rival gang member with a hammer, striking him in the head, chest, and back, several times. The alleged victim, a gang member, ended up in the emergency room with great bodily injury. Prior to trial, Mr. Bruno’s investigator, Rich Ramirez, did what the police had failed to do. He investigated every element of the alleged victim’s story, and unearthed a mountain of evidence pointing to innocence. Mr. Bruno shared Mr. Ramirez’s findings with the District Attorney in an effort to get the case dismissed prior to trial. The District Attorney was steadfast and would not dismiss the case. Accordingly, Mr. Bruno took the case to trial and, after four days of trial, the won a verdict of acquittal. NOT GUILTY.

Earnest L.
Charged with a violation of Penal Code section 288(a), Lewd and Lascivious act with a child under the age of 14, Earnest was facing serious time and potential life time registration as a sex offender. The allegations against Earnest were as serious as they come. However, they were not true. Because of the sensitive nature of the case and the allegations, more detail is not available here. But know this: Mr. Bruno took Earnest’s case to trial and won an acquittal. The Not Guilty verdict was the result of Earnest’s actual innocence and the result of the hard work and tenacity of Mr. Bruno and his investigator, Rich Ramirez. NOT GUILTY.

Wilber A.
Medical Marijuana Case. Wilbur was charged with felony possession of concentrated cannabis (a violation of Health & Safety Code section 11357(a).) Wilbur was a medical marijuana patient, and therefore is not subject to prosecution for possession of marijuana or concentrated cannabis. Mr. Bruno filed briefs with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department as well as the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office demanding that they abandon prosecution and return his client’s property (the cannabis). The District Attorney’s office conceded the brief, abandoned the prosecution and the property was returned. CASE DISMISSED.

Sandra T.
Schoolteacher charged with domestic violence. Sandra was charged with physically assaulting her husband, who called the police on her. She was arrested, charged, and booked into the County Jail, where she spent the weekend. Sandra was not only looking at jail time, a criminal record, probation, and 52 weeks of the batterers’ treatment program, but a conviction could have led to a dismissal from her school and ruined her lifelong dream of teaching. Through diligent and rigorous pre-filing investigation, the District Attorney agreed not to pursue charges and abandoned the prosecution of the case. CASE DISMISSED

Merlin M.
The defendant was pulled over in Garden Grove, ostensibly for a vehicle code infraction. As he was following the officer’s instructions to pull over and dismount his motorcycle, he placed his hands in his pockets. The officer did not like this and ordered him to remove his hands from his pockets. He did, only to place them back in his pockets later (a nervous reaction). The officer commanded him a second time to remove his hands from his pockets. Again, the defendant complied with the officers’ commands. However, the defendant then placed his hands back in his pocket and pushed a bulky object deep down into the pocket, drawing the officer’s attention. At this point, the officer ordered the defendant to turn around and place his hands on top of his head. The officer then patted down the outer clothing of the defendant, in particular, his left pant pocket. The officer grabbed hold of the bulky object in his left pant pocket and recognized it to be a methamphetamine pipe. The defendant was then arrested for possession of the methamphetamine pipe (HS 11364). The Mr. Bruno brought a motion to suppress the evidence because he believed that the search and seizure of the defendant violated the Fourth Amendment to the United States constitution. The court agreed, suppressed the evidence and the case was DISMISSED.

Marcus R.
Marcus was visiting Disneyland when he saw Disney security rough up a youth (the youth had shoplifted from a store at Downtown Disney). Marcus, a family man in his late 30s with no criminal record whatsoever, intervened and told the security guard to stop brutalizing the youth. Security took exception and the Anaheim Police arrived in full show of force and tried to eject Marcus from the park. When Marcus tried to explain the situation to the officers, they arrested him and charged him with resisting, obstructing and delaying a police officer–misdemeanor charges. Mr. Bruno subpoenaed the video surveillance of Disney which proved the officers were abusing their power. The defense reported ready for jury trial, having rejected all offers to plead guilty, and, on the last day, due to the obvious preparation of the defense, the CASE WAS DISMISSED.

Will A.
Will was arrested 2 times for the same offense in a ten year period. Each time, he hired a lawyer who advised him that he had “taken care of it.” Each time that the other attorney professed to have taken care of the matter, the matter was not handled in any way and a bench warrant was issued as a result of the defendant’s failure to appear in court. Periodically, Will would be stopped for a routine traffic matter and would be hauled into custody. Will hired Mr. Bruno to handle the case once and for all, and after one court appearance Mr. Bruno filed a motion to dismiss for a lack of a speedy trial. THE MOTION WAS GRANTED AND THE CASE WAS DISMISSED

Ken G.
Felony Case Dismissed by Motion. Ken was accused of a felony possession of stolen property. He had prior convictions for the same offense and for a history of drug related felonies. Nevertheless, this case was different. The police, the prosecution, and the court disregarded his fundamental rights despite vigorous opposition by Mr. Bruno. After a preliminary hearing, where Ken was “Held to Answer” on the felony charge, Mr. Bruno filed a series of motions in Superior Court, including a renewed suppression motion and a motion to dismiss. After a protracted hearing that required the defense to submit three separate briefs in support of its arguments, the court did the correct thing and GRANTED THE MOTION TO DISMISS THE CASE.

Dale T.
DMV hearing win! Client was cited by the DMV for a “refusal” to submit to chemical testing (to take the blood, breath or urine test). Client would have lost his license for a year. The stakes were high. After 3 separate hearings, I established that the cop didn’t follow the proper procedures and refusal was set aside (client got his license back).

People vs. Kelly M.
charged with violating a court issued protective order and unlawfully resisting arrest. After extensive pretrial investigation, case dismissed on day of trial.

People vs. Guy B.
DUI/Driving on a Suspended License trial. Defendant was charged with a DUI and an enhancement allegation alleging his blood alcohol was over 0.20. Defendant found not guilty of driving on a suspended license and the enhancement was found not to be true. Jury returned guilty verdict on one count of driving under the influence.

People vs. Isidore S.
Defendant charged with commercial burglary. After a four day trial, defendant was found “not guilty.”

People vs. Kenneth M.
Defendant charged with harboring an illegal and dangerous wild animal. After two demurrers to the complaint were sustained, the City Attorney gave up and dismissed the case.

People vs. Amanda G.
Defendant charged with prostitution for allegedly soliciting a know John on Harbor Blvd. Acquittal at trial. “Not guilty” of all charges.

People vs. Monica C.
Suppression motion granted; drug case dismissed.

People vs. Marco A.
Suppression motion granted; drug and weapons case dismissed.

People vs. George V.
Mistrial declared for prosecution’s failure to produce evidence. Despite threats to the contrary, prosecution never re-files case.

People vs. Alejandro R.
Speedy trial motion to dismiss granted. Case dismissed.

People vs. Jerries M.
Defendant charged with numerous serious crimes of violence involving an explosive device and an automobile. Acquittal at trial. “Not guilty” of all charges.

People vs. Gary S.
Defendant was charged with various crimes involving vandalism and a local bar in Fullerton. Purportedly, an eyewitness bouncer saw the defendant commit the various acts of vandalism. At trial, the eyewitness was thoroughly discredited and the defendant was acquitted. “Not guilty” of all charges.

People vs. Rafael R.
Speedy trial motion to dismiss granted. Case dismissed.

People vs. Farhad M.
Mistrial declared for prosecution’s failure to produce evidence.

People vs. Alfredo A.
Speedy trial motion to dismiss granted. Case dismissed.

People vs. Kirk C.
Defendant charged with a “crime bail crime” series of offenses. On the first case, defendant was charged with violating a protective order and an aggravated trespass (breaking into his ex-wife’s home). He posted bail, and then went back to his ex wife’s home again. He was immediately arrested and charged again with the same crimes. He also had three open probation violation cases. At trial, Mr. Bruno received “not guilty” verdicts on all counts but the last misdemeanor count a violation of a protective order. This improbably saved the defendant from state prison.

People vs. Linda V.
Defendant charged with spousal battery resulting in serious bodily injury. After extensive pretrial motions granted in favor of the defense, the prosecution was unable to perceive and the case was dismissed.

People vs. Raymond R.
Defendant, a paranoid schizophrenic, was charged with violating the terms and conditions of his probation in three separate cases by breaking out of mental institutions and using methamphetamine. After a trial, defendant was found “not guilty” on all three cases.

People vs. Lawrence L.
Defendant charged with vandalism, assault with a deadly weapon, and resisting arrest. After a two week trial, defendant was acquitted on the charge of assault with a deadly weapon (PC 1118 motion). On week two, after losing the most serious charge, the District Attorney offered to dismiss the vandalism charge in exchange for a plea to the resisting arrest misdemeanor charge. Defendant pled to the misdemeanor and was released from custody that day.

People vs. Gary B.
Speedy trial motion to dismiss granted. Case dismissed.

People vs. Salvador C.
Defendant charged with assault and battery for an incident that occurred outside of an Anaheim nightclub. Defendant, the United States Marine, pulverized the alleged victim in the street. A jury hung 11-1 in favor of acquittal, finding that the Marine acted in self-defense. Case was dismissed after a mistrial was declared. “Not guilty” of all charges.

People vs. Kenneth J.
Defendant charged with aggravated robbery at an ATM machine along with various other charges. Defendant found “not guilty” of robbery. Defendant was found guilty of receiving stolen property.

People vs. Zach S.
Defendant charged with assault and battery and theft. Defendant found “not guilty” after trial.

People vs. Jonathan H.
Defendant charged with making terrorist threats, brandishing a dangerous and deadly weapon, and simple battery. After trial, defendant was found “not guilty” of the much more serious threats charge and of the brandishing of the dangerous and deadly weapon charge. Defendant was found guilty of simple battery.

People vs. Jorge C.
Defendant was charged in a series of vehicle burglaries. Defendant acquitted at trial. “Not guilty” of all charges.

People vs. Andrea C.
Defendant was charged with prostitution and drug trafficking. After a lengthy trial, she was found “not guilty” of all charges.

People vs. Kyle P.
Defendant was charged with an aggravated trespass. At trial, Mr. Bruno brought a “Mejia” motion the case was dismissed.

People vs. Luis Q.
Defendant was charged with aggravated trespass and various other charges alleging that he set a fire that burned down half of a city block with damage estimated to be approximately seven million dollars. Defendant was found “not guilty” trial and therefore not liable for any of the restitution.

People vs. Nick M.
Defendant was charged with assault and battery, essentially for breaking another man’s jaw and ankle as a result of a bar fight in Manhattan Beach. Defendant was acquitted at trial. “Not guilty” of all charges.

People vs. Michael M.
Motion to suppress the evidence granted. Case and all probation violation cases dismissed.

People vs. Juan G.
Motion to suppress the evidence granted. Case dismissed.

People vs. Barbosa
motion to suppress the evidence granted. Case dismissed.

People vs. Michael R.
DUI with injury (felony). Defendant charged with DUI that resulted in injury to another as a felony. Through extensive pretrial investigation and motions, that charges were reduced to a misdemeanor first time DUI charge. The defendant pled guilty to one misdemeanor count of driving under the influence and was required to pay a minimum amount of fines and fees to the court.

People vs. Jose M.
Defendant charged with multiple felonies as a result of his alleged involvement in a Tijuana car theft ring. After extensive investigation and a lengthy preliminary hearing, the defendant was not held to answer and all charges were dismissed.

People vs. Corvain C.
Defendant was charged with felony spousal battery, hit and run, and driving on a suspended license. Prior to trial the charges were reduced to a misdemeanor spousal battery. At trial, defendant was found “not guilty” of the serious spousal battery charge, was found guilty of the vehicle offenses.

People vs. Alex M.
DUI trial. Defendant possesses his maritime captain’s license and was justifiably concerned about the impact of a first time DUI on his maritime license. Defendant found “not guilty” at trial, saving his license and his reputation.

People vs. Jason S.
Defendant was charged with an “Estes” robbery at the Office Max in Riverside. After extensive pretrial investigation, preparation and motions, Mr. Bruno was able to establish an alibi defense and the defendant was not held to answer for the charges at the preliminary hearing and all charges were dismissed.