As much as the normal criminal case presents a potential opportunity for a district attorney to railroad individuals directly to the penitentiary, the prosecution of police officers can be far worse. Hell hath no fury like a cop prosecution; the power of the government is never so abused as when it’s directed to one of its own.

The consequences to a police officer facing prosecution are obviously grave. In addition to dealing with the criminal case, the officer will have to deal with the internal affairs investigation and is required to cooperate with that investigation, should he or she wish to keep the job. This is a potential mine field, particularly in serious cases.

A police officer especially needs the very best representation available. Unfortunately, that is often not what he or she gets, nor is it what the officer can afford. Police officers earn a civil servant’s wage, and will not be able to afford a high-powered defense attorney. Yet the need for one is so great. Accordingly, Mr. Bruno takes police cases on at an extremely discounted rate.

An accused officer faces suspension, ostracism by his peers, hostility by some in the defense bar, and open and violent hostility by others who stand accused of crimes, particularly jail inmates. A police officer’s challenges are unique. Those who once stood beside him now seek his incarceration. Commanding officers, partners and other officers, once allies, can easily turn on an accused officer to protect their own career. It is a sad and often brutal experience for the officer and his or her attorney. The force of the government will come down upon the officer in ways he could not imagine. Fortunately, Mr. Bruno believes that force can be defeated, if met with acute strategy and superior investigation and lawyering.

The need for good counsel is paramount. Mr. Bruno understands police officer cases and has handled many ranging from theft and embezzlement accusations, to assault under the color of authority (excessive force), to police drug cases. Many of these cases are handled quietly and discreetly, which allows the officer to continue his or her life, if not his or her career.

If you are a police officer and you are being investigated by your department, please call BRUNO|NALU immediately for a free consultation. We will be happy to speak with you in a confidential setting. Anything you say cannot be disclosed in any way to anyone else. The fact of our meeting would not even be disclosed. Our mission is to help those who are accused and oppressed by our government. When the finger of accusation turns to the police officer, fair play and justice often go out the window. It is our job the stop this.

If you have a police officer case in or near Orange County, Los Angeles or San Diego, please contact BRUNO│NALU as soon as possible. We offer a free face-to-face consultation and can work out a payment plan in most situations.