In Orange County and throughout California, expungement is a very important yet often neglected tool available to a defendant and his or her lawyer. It is important because in some cases, particularly where the defendant is seeking private employment, it offers a fresh start for someone who has suffered a prior conviction. It is often neglected because an expungement takes place sometime after the case has been resolved, the fines have been paid, the community service has been performed and probation has been completed. In other words, it is simply not on the mind of someone who has just completed all of the other tasks required of him or her.

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Typically, someone who has previously been convicted of a crime will only think of expungement when he or she is applying for a new job and finds out that a background check will be performed. By this time, it is often too late to save the job. Expungement is a process that usually takes longer than the time in which it takes a prospective employer to run the background check on someone it has already decided to hire. Many times, people will call in a panic stating that they need an expungement tomorrow; this is not possible. Accordingly, it is important to obtain the relief offered by statute as soon as probation has terminated, or earlier if the client wishes to seek early termination of probation (which is possible in some cases).

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At BRUNO│NALU, we consider the expungement process to be the last stage of your criminal defense. As soon as it is possible, you should examine the possibility of having your record expunged to prevent any unnecessary complications with job, school or housing applications. In short, get it done as soon as you can. We can help.

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