Many seasoned civil litigation attorneys, even those who consider themselves experienced general practitioners, stop short of advising clients on criminal matters, believing them to be best handled by specialists in the field. Likewise, criminal practitioners often have zero understanding of the complexities of civil litigation.

But with increasing frequency, lawyers must confront the dilemmas posed when civil proceedings intersect with criminal investigations. Given the current surge of criminal investigations in the corporate sector, a specialist is needed. A law firm with an in-depth understanding of criminal law, particularly the effects of simultaneous criminal and civil proceedings, must be employed in order to advise their clients properly.

BRUNO│NALU is a true trial law firm. We are as comfortable arguing to a civil jury as we are in front of a criminal jury. This experience and expertise is invaluable when you are confronted with a “hybrid” case of criminal and civil liability.

If you or your company is going to trial, then you need BRUNO│NALU.