Arson Penal Code Sections 450-457.1

What the California law means is that it is illegal to set a fire to property. Moreover, California law indicates that it is possible for a person to face criminal punishment for recklessly setting a fire or causing a structure, forest land or property to be burned. In other words, a person who does not intentionally set fire to a structure or to a forest, and only recklessly causes the fire, may be charged with arson.

Each year in Orange County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, Los Angeles County and San Diego County fires are set, intentionally and unintentionally. With each new year, those fires become increasingly dangerous causing more and more property damage and even resulting in a loss of life. Because of the damage that has been done in recent years, prosecutors and judges have far less tolerance for those who start fires intentionally or by inadvertence. The public is bloodthirsty for anyone who has started a fire that has caused damage, regardless of the intent to do a wrongful act.

Orange County arson defense attorney Keith J. Bruno understands that arson is quickly becoming a political crime with the public crying out for blood. If you are accused of arson, please contact Mr. Bruno immediately so that he can advise you and begin to vigorously mount a defense to these charges. In an arson case, the fire department investigators often beat the defense investigators to the scene and collect and photograph natural evidence that can change by the time a defense is coordinated. Accordingly, time is always of the essence in an arson investigation. Mr. Bruno understands this and will work around the clock to help you defend against these accusations.

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