Month: March 2017

Your Legal Options if Your Motorcycle Personal Injury Claim Was Denied

If you’re the victim of a motorcycle accident where someone else was to blame, there’s a good chance that your claim will be accepted by your insurance company. However, even if you weren’t to blame and even if you did everything you were supposed to do right after the accident, it’s possible that your claim […]

Five Signs You Need A New Personal Injury Lawyer

Choosing the wrong personal injury lawyer could have severe consequences for individuals seeking recovery and a return to normalcy after a traumatic accident. An experienced personal injury attorney may be able to win you compensation for your injuries caused by a negligent party. If you already have a personal injury lawyer, here are five good […]

What is Med Pay?

In the past few years, Medical Payments coverage has becoming an increasingly popular option for car insurance plans. Medical Payments, or Med Pay, offers a lot of benefits in the event of a car accident to you and any passengers in your vehicle. What Does it Do? Med Pay can be described as a catch-all […]